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Donut usually takes place on a large body of water such as a sea, lake or river. One or more riders tether their tubes to a powered watercraft such as a motor boat or a personal watercraft. The riders are then towed through the water by the watercraft. The speed and manner in which this occurs is usually dictated by the riders. Children are generally given a slow, tame ride while thrill-seeking teenagers will usually opt to be towed faster, even seeking to be pulled through choppy water or across wakes.

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This activity takes place at a 5 star resort. For the price you'll get a quality service, beautiful resort time and lovely views. The safety standards of the donut ride operators is the best we've inspected.

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15 minutes

The duration is approximately 15 minutes as it's physical and intense but may last a little longer. The overall time required may be more.

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